Panasonic Corporation of North America, Newark, NJ

Rockwell Automation Corporate Headquarters, Milwaukee

Rockwell Automation Asia Pacific Business Center,


Rockwell Automation Mequon Facility, Mequon, WI

​Rockwell Automation Academy of Advanced Manufacturing

   Graduating Class Keynote Speaker, Mayfield, OH

PSE&G Utilities, Newark, NJ 

Center for Disease Control, Washington, DC

Department of Veterans Affairs, Washington DC

​Naval Station Norfolk, Norfolk, VA

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

University of Arizona, Tucson (TEDx Talk)

Keynote Speaker Top 150 Workplace Luncheon, Des Moines

​Grant Wood Area Education Agency, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

KANDU Industries, Janesville, Wisconsin 

Central Arizona Project (CAP), Phoenix, AZ

KIT International Conference on Inclusion

Pennsylvania Disability and Employment Summit

Sierra Tucson Recovery Center

Sabino Recovery Center

​Pennsylvania Vocational Rehabilitation Conference

Paralyzed Veterans of America

Garden City High School Commencement Address

Garden City, Michigan Veterans Day Observance Keynote

Tucson Festival of Books Panelist 

Pioneer Middle School, Plymouth, Michigan

Stevensville Middle School, Stevensville, Michigan

Destroyer Escort Sailor Association, Michigan Chapter

Naval Recruiting District, Phoenix 

​Chief Petty Officer Pinning Ceremony, NOSC, Tucson

Southern Door High School, Brussels, Wisconsin

​St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School, Avondale, Arizona

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​To many people, the word inclusion means a lowering of standards in order to allow access for all.  John believes inclusion should instead be defined as "an opportunity to succeed."  Having served in the United States Navy for 20 years with cerebral palsy, he certainly speaks from experience.  John shares openly on why he decided to keep his disability a secret from military officials, the impact that decision made on his life and what society must do moving forward to ensure inclusion for everyone.


Having been born with a mild case of CP, John tells what it's like to have a disability, dispelling myths and breaking down barriers along the way. This topic is perfect for young school children who often look at their classmates with disabilities as "weird" or different.  Mr. Quinn allows students to ask direct questions about his cerebral palsy and gives direct answers, focusing on people's ability, not their disabilities.  


​Skinny and weak as a youngster, John was laughed at, picked on and bullied.  He shares his insight on how to deal with this painful topic in a way that children and adults alike can understand and immediately apply in their own lives.  


Joining the Navy in January 1982, John became a highly decorated Senior Chief Petty Officer in only 14 years.  Learn the leadership lessons and core values that made this Battleship Sailor so successful - and the mistakes to avoid along the way.  


John speaks openly about the suicide of his brother, Steven in 1987 and the impact it had not only on his life, but those around him.  Mr. Quinn shines the light on the taboo subject of suicide in the family and brings much needed hope to others who have been similarly affected.  When talking about addiction, John talks frankly about his battle with the bottle, hitting bottom and subsequent recovery.  In sharing his experience, strength and hope of over 19 years of sobriety, John shows that sometimes you have to surrender to win.  

Since the release of his powerful memoir Someone Like Me, John W. Quinn has traveled the world sharing his inspirational story in a way that combines humor, honesty and compassion.  Described by many as a "natural storyteller," this sailor turned author is sure to leave your audiences captivated and inspired.  Presentation topics can be tailored to audience-specific needs.



​​​​​​"He's an inspiration to all of us.  I'm so glad that John is sharing his story with the world."


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