John w. quinn


John had the please of being interviewed by the fellas of Handicap This where they talk about issues such as disability inclusion, overcoming challenges and not quitting.  Listen to this insightful interview here.


Handicap This Podcast Interview

John had the honor of being featured in Miraval Magazine's Fall Issue (Page 15).  Miraval is rated by many to be one of the top resorts in the world.  Click here to read more.  

Featured in Miraval Resort Life in Balance Magazine

2016 Veteran of the Year Finalist for the State of Michigan

Interview with Mitch Albom on the Mitch Albom Radio Show, WJR Detroit. 

Keynote Speaker Garden City, Michigan 2015 Veterans Day Observance

Interview with FOX 11 Tucson

TEDx Talk University of Arizona

National "No Limits" Disability Campaign